Natural Method training course
holistic ecology

There are three ways to approach physical education 

  1. Sports that orient and train specific abilities (for example football, tennis, etc)
  2. Analytic methods that focus on training specific aspects of the body (for example cardio exercises)
  3. The Natural Method

The Natural Method is based on the natural movements and gestures of our species in it’s environment: walking, running, jumping, defense, etc

It takes into consideration the whole of the human being: the body not only as a tool, but as a dimension of oneself. This method, also called the “Hebert Method”, cultivates an integral and ecological vision of health and wellness, bringing a sense of purpose and a sense of joy.


An obvious meeting with Montessori


The principles of the Natural Method are in tune with the Montessori pedagogy. This can be seen through four main aspects:

  • The students gain responsibility and awareness as they assist the monitor.
  • Individual performance is in service of the collective.
  • The freedom and respect of each individual’s rhythm and limits are at the heart of the practice. As well as an invitation to go beyond one’s limits.
  • Joy and collaborations as key motor-elements during practice.

Overview of the course


-To acquire technical and pedagogical skills in the Natural Method practice

To be able to create and manage a Natural Method sequence 


-To be an adult

-To be comfortable with physical practices.

-To have a medical certificate of non contraindication to practice sports

Pedagogical tools

-Theoretical inputs

-Practical tools

Target audience

-Teachers, students, educators, scoutmasters

-Directors of youth facilities

-Individuals wishing to develop a holistic and ecological education project

-School principals

-Sport coaches


-Preparation and management of a Natural Method sequence at the end of the training

-Evaluation of met objectives through a questionnaire on the final day of the training


-Issuance of a private monitor’s diploma

THE program


5 days of intensive training

  • What is the Natural Method?
  • The Natural Method and Montessori
  • How to easily lead and train a group in reduced spaces
  • How to lead a group in the Natural Method in complete safety
  • The natural gesture pedagogy
  • How to determine progress
  • Emulation, cooperation and respect for nature
  • How to build a methodical lesson
  • How to lead games depending on pedagogical intentions
  • The physical education project: examples for a Montessori school
  • The specific case of working with children and adolescents : constraints and solutions

Informations pratiques


Spring 2023: April 24th (9 AM) to Aprils 28th (5 PM)

Admission (25 places available)

-Letter of application, CV with picture to be sent to : gaspard@arches-montessori.com

-Admissions form deadline: 1st of march 2023


Campix, 2 Rue de la Goulette, 60340 Saint-Leu-d’Esserent, France


 -Main facilitator: Arthur Huguet Du Lorin, Fouding member of the “Centre de formation en Ă©ducation naturelle” and Natural Method monitor.

-Staff: Gaspard Nouaille: Natural Method assistant-monitor and physical educator at CollÚge-Lycée Montessori Les Arches.


« Tent » package

5 days training + 5 nights of accommodation in your own tent + meals »

-Price: 850 euros 

« Mobile home » package 

 5 days training + 5 nights of accommodation in mobile home + meals »

-Price: 1000 euros (only 16 beds)

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